Best air fryer vs best traditional cooking appliance

There is something called “guilty pleasure” when we wallow ourselves in stunning, irresittible deep-fried foods. It feels so good with the crisp coating, the smell of French fries, fried chicken, potato chips. We can eat them like forever without being fed up! We all know that fried food is unhealthy, fried foods send us a bunch of unneccessary calories into our body, raising our weight, increasing risks of high cholesterol, stroke, heart diseases, etc… Then, how can we eat these food while still be in good health? A best air fryer will be the answer.

Fried food with traditional cooking appliances

As a cook, the basic knowledge about frying food is: turn the gas (or deep fryer button) on, heat up the cooking machine, and pour a lot of oil into it, wait until it boils and fry. For crisp coating, food must be sinked into it; it is the same with so much oil to be used. After the cooking, all these liters of oil will be discarded. This is really a very great dilapidation of oil, cooking time, gas and money. Not to mention that overheated oil can catch fire very easily, this will lead to fire or even explosion. There are many house fires caused by fried food in oil, especially exploding oil from the pan causing burn injures. Besides, most of the mess coming from fried food is really annoying and not easy to clean.

Fried food with a  air fryer.

Unlike traditional cooking methods, an air fryer use just hot air for the whole processing of making foods done thoroughly. Foods don’t need to be sinked under oil to be crisp and done, hot air circulated inside the air fryer make all the foods cooked completely. From 70 to 80 percent of oil are saved by using this cooking gadget. To fry a chicken, you just need to brush a single layer of oil around it (just a tablespoon of oil). You won’t be affected by hot oil since the chicken is now inside the air fryer. You can just put the air fryer there and go somewhere doing other tasks, the cooking gadget have timer to shut down automatically, no oil splashing, no fire catching, no danger for your kitchen and your house.

After taking the food out, all you need to clean is the removable tray containing your food, there is nothing else messy to be cleaned. What do you prefer now, a air fryer or a traditional fryer?

To sum up, who would love to have a best air fryer? They are people who are scared of heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, extra calories. They are people who love to have foods done fast, simply, safely and tididy. They are people who want to save budget and hate wasting money on liters of oil to be used and throw away wastefully.